Fields of Activity

Our fields of activity are expanding with each passing day, sticking to our 'people and life' oriented progress when making sustainable investments.



A member of the Cyprus Turkish Construction Contractors Association, AKOL has the highest level of contracting certificates. This is why AKOL is considered the leading brand in construction. While creating profitable, reliable, wholesome, and comfortable living spaces within its projects, AKOL offers countless privileges to its customers with its innovative perspective.

One of the most trusted and preferred names in Northern Cyprus, AKOL owes its success to not only creating buildings, but a new way of life, as the "architects of dreams".


A provider of services in the field of real estate and property, AKOL also operates in real estate investment trusts (REIT).

AKOL has an impressive real estate portfolio through its investments in both property and real estate projects with high return potential.

The investment partnership it has established ensures that its investors also benefit from profits resulting from rental income or the purchases and sales of its portfolio.

Kira Yönetimi

Rental Management

As a provider of rental management services, AKOL creates solutions to administrative/financial difficulties encountered during the management of rentals while offering efficiency in management with its experienced high-tempo team.

AKOL Group is more than happy to help you find short and long-term tenants, track lease contracts, audit real estate bills, budget real estate expenditures, track lease payments, organize and manage real estate portfolios, perform inventory checks, and return deposits and guarantees, and, if necessary, provide maintenance, repairs/modifications for rental property.


Located in the very heart of Famagusta, Caddemm Hotel, designed as a city hotel in the brand project Caddemm; It will be at your service very soon with its 110 bed capacity, GYM and spa center, ballroom, meeting rooms, outdoor swimming pool, pool bar restaurant, Lobby Patisserie, Cafe, and gift shop.

Tourism revenues play a special role in the TRNC’s economy thanks to the millions of tourists visiting the island each year. A strong believer in tourism and its role in the country’s economy, AKOL began investing in the tourism sector in 2013 knowing that even the smallest investments have great potential to bring substantial national gains.

As a pioneer, AKOL has increased the tourism capacity of the TRNC having made 3 massive hotel investments by the year 2020, which will boost the brand value of Northern Cyprus.

Kira Yönetimi


Having started out in the construction sector, AKOL has not limited its fields of activity to just real estate projects, but has contributed to public health in many ways, be it through pharmaceutical warehouses or maintenance services.

Extending its investments and fields of activity for the progress of 'people and life', AKOL extends its activities to the health sector and environmental sustainability.

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