“Even the smallest investments have the potential of bring big profits.``

Joint Venture 
In Akol Group of Companies, we have a young, dynamic, innovative entrepreneurial, reliable and trustworthy structure. We co invest together with honorable and trustworthy corporations in national and international projects.

Joint Venture is an advantage to you as well as to us; if we are sure that we have a common target and define the terms of our association.

“A boat is safe in the harbor. But this is not the purpose of a boat” Paulo Coelho

Real Estate Consultancy

Akol Group of Companies evaluating the legal & technical data and directs the results in a fast and correct approach. Akol Group of Companies prepares and presents the feasibility reports of the investment.

Project Development

Akol Group of Companies, imposes its expertise and experience in finance and marketing fields on real estate and investment activities and presents the developed projects to its stakeholders and the customers.

Akol Group of Companies focus on projects of quality housing, commercial property, production facilities and logistics centers.

It aims efficiency as well as a sense of privilege in the projects they development and they want to the contribute market on this aspect.