We are established in 2005 and with our successful history, we became one of the leader firms in Northern Cyprus and we still grow to become a regional player.

We operate in 6 different sectors, which are construction, tourism, service, real estate and investment. Other than these, we invest in sports, entertainment and management as well.

Behind the achievement of the Akol  Group Of Companies is a customer-focused and centralized management approach. This approach, not just induced by financial earnings but it is developed with an idea; a benefit to all society as a conscious citizenship. Akol, puts its CSR and sponsorship projects into action with this consciousness.

In all areas that are supported, we are aware of our responsibilities, we want to be a pioneer in our society as well as an example and with this vision we make actions, we contribute to the economy and employment of our country. CSR strategy of our company is to increase the prosperity of our society and create economic, cultural, social and environmental sustainability.

Akol Group of Companies, provide comfort, security, high quality and a dynamic human resources to their customers. We aim to become a regional force, not just in Northern Cyprus. We always serve with the foundation of highest customer satisfaction and trust.


The community of a country; with awareness that is strong and valuable with human qualities, in our understanding of what we have in universal manners. We serve inspiring projects with the benefits of latest technology; we serve with our principles of pioneership and making a difference. By implementing our investment policy based on these principles and with the help of our modern technology, qualified human resources and know-how, we serve with focus on “human” and “life”. We want to be sustainable and trustworthy.

In the long run, making profits is all about the quality and we make actions with this awareness in every sector we exist. We use our know-how for economic and societal benefits as an investor identity.



Our values are the composition of everything we contribute, recreate, protect, develop in every sector we exist, in every customer we serve and in every partner we make business with.

We use every resource we have to meet the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our customers.

To adapt to the environmental, historical and cultural texture of the city with our project.

Meeting the architectural requirements of the century with our management line and technical and administrative personnel.

Enhancing and developing societal life standards.

To apply advanced highest technology, the right solution partners, quality material, particular architecture and engineering services to all our projects at the same time.

Contributing to the economy by creating new employment areas with our productivity policy.

Supporting urban transformation projects in order to prevent irregular and illegal settlements.

Considering natural disasters while creating regular and safe living areas.


Produce with quality in a fast paced manner, add value to the life.

Protect the nature, respect the life.

Maintain the service sustainability, support the life.

Do not be a building architect, be a life architect.


As a company to become ware environmentally conscious while consributing to the counry’s economy, aware of itssocial responsibilities and building living space.

Following the necessary standards, technical agreements, administrative regulations and earthquake instructions

Following the latest technology and implementing it in product and production

To maintain customer satisfaction by taking in to account the needs and expectations of customer.

Delivery of the product on the day

Prepare and implement the necessary training programs for company employees.

Following the job security guidelines in order to ensure the safety of employees who are the most valuable internal resources.


We are honest.

We are friendly.

We are reliable.

We are experienced.

We are respectful

We pay attention to customer satisfaction.

We communicate.

We empathize.

We create awareness.

We attach importance to timing.

We investigate.

We produce.

We apply.

We develop.

We solve.